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Stanley Milgram Experiment Psychology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Link to site describing the Stanley Milgram Experiment can be found here:
Essay Instructions:
Describe in detail the Stanley Milgram experiment and explain why you feel it is ethical or not.
Essay must be at least 500 words.


Stanley Milgram Experiment
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Stanley Milgram experiment
Milgram experiment focuses on numerous psychological experiments to explore how being obedient to people in power relates to individual conscience. His interest on obedience was sparked by Adolph Eichmann’s work which focused on the Nazi war criminal who was the principal organizer of World War II. Stanley wanted to understand how human beings can commit atrocities beyond their conscience and thus, his experimental research in personal conscience (McLeod, 2017). The experiment sought male candidates through a newspaper advert in which all participants took the duties of ‘a teacher.’ The role implied that the participants were in control of electroshock generators. The learners were Milgrams’ confederates, who acted as real participants.  

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