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The Neurobiological Basis of Changes among Adolescents. (Essay Sample)


Assignment Topic in Detail:
A recent TV program (ABC’s Four Corners https://www(dot)abc(dot)net(dot)au/radio/programs/am/calls-raise-criminal-responsibility-age-children-in-watch-houses/11110162) revealed that children as young as 10 are being inappropriately treated and held in Australian prisons. As concern for the children’s welfare is voiced, many in the community are calling for an increase to the age of criminal responsibility so that young offenders are dealt with outside of the justice system.
A range of different explanations as to the causes of problematic or risky behaviour have been proposed, from newspaper reports of impulsive, violent or even evil actions (Arinde, 2006; Larimer, 2000) to the various brain changes taking place during adolescence related to reward-seeking and cognitive control (e.g., Smith, Chein, & Steinberg, 2013; Steinberg, 2008; Tymula et al., 2012). Indeed, Steinberg and Scott (2003) argue that adolescents should not be held responsible for murder or other similar infractions, as their brains have not yet reached maturity.
Your task for this essay is:
To evaluate the available evidence on the social, emotional, psychological, biological, and behavioural changes that occur during adolescence and emerging adulthood that may explain their increased vulnerability to specific problems and/or behaviour choices.
The Reference list should include a minimum of 4 academic references, all the research literature you have cited in your essay should be listed in alphabetical order by first author’s surname, and presented in correct APA 6th style.


The Neurobiological Basis of Changes among Adolescents:
A Review of Current Evidence
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The adolescence stage is very important in the life of an individual. This is because the said stage is considered as a period where an individual will develop based on several factors that come to play within his or her surroundings. Within this stage, the identity of an adolescent is still a puzzle, hence, he or she must be guided through the development because this will greatly affect how the person will act in the future.

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