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Social Brain: Answers For Some Questions (Essay Sample)


Please Answer Each Question Separately.
Question 1: Which of the five core social motives (belonging, understanding, controlling, enhancing self, trusting others) do you think best explains the social brain and its superpowers as discussed in Dr. Matthew Lieberman's talk?
Question 2: Two overarching themes of social psychology are:
(1) the influence of the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others; and
(2) the power of the situation
on individual behavior. Do you agree with the textbook author Dr. Susan Fiske that other people are the most important niche for human adaptation over evolutionary time and across cultures? Discuss.
Question 3: People connected to other people live longer, healthier, happier lives than people who are isolated. How has the content of the course shaped or otherwise influenced your understanding of the need to belong as a core social motive?


Social Brain


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Social Brain

Question 1

Following extensive research, Mathew Lieberman found out that social pain arising from rejection or loss of a loved one is as real as physical pain. He also asserts that social connection is as important to human beings as the basic needs. Right from infancy, one needs people for survival. This need to connect with others and the pain that comes from separation is the force behind the human

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