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Biology of Sexual Orientation in Mammalian Males and Females (Essay Sample)


Hi, this is psychology final project, it has totally 8 questions, one questions need to answer for 1 page, totally 8 pages. Thanks
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Psychology Project
Question One
Review of the most Recent Research on the Biology of Sexual Orientation in Mammalian Males and Females
The most fundamental question that most people do ask themselves about sexual behavior is about attraction and arousal. People have been asking themselves why someone is attracted to one another. Many people have been asking themselves why men are attracted to women and women are attracted to men, and men are attracted to men, women attracted to women. Most of researchers have never agreed on what could be the possible cause of this act. Others have blamed it on sexual orientation and others have connected to biological factors like genes and chromosomes. Most people are of the opinion that sexual orientation which is all about homosexuality and heterosexuality is determined by factors like social constraints and educational background. There are other studies that have pointed out that prenatal factors have played an important role in influencing humans sexual attraction or sexuality. Sexual orientation is described as is a sexually differentiated trait and statistics has it that 90% of men are sexually attracted to women and the vice versa is true. To begin with, in mammals both males and females, sexual orientation is organized during early life by what is known as sex steroids. Two kinds of evidence that support this argument has been founded that support this notion. To begin with, many sexually differentiated behavioral factors, morphological or physiological traits are greatly different in homosexuals and heterosexual people. This is because some of these traits are widely known to be organized by prenatal steroids which consist of testosterone hormone. These variances or differences show that homosexuals, averagely, were exposed to unusual endocrine conditions during the early stages of their development. The second evidence to support this notion, it is about clinical conditions that are associated with important endocrine alterations during the development of embryonic

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