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Psychology Final Project: Sexual Orientation, Factors (Essay Sample)


Hi, this is psychology final project, it has totally 8 questions, one questions need to answer for 1page, totally 8 pages. Thanks


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1 If sexual orientation is determined by biological factors, then how might this influence social policy decisions?
Heterosexuals tend not to question their sexual orientations or the privileges and protections they enjoy because of this aspect. In as much as no one knows where the element of sexual orientation originated from, most researchers allude to the fact that it is a basic emotional need that persists in the face of repression. Homophobia, an irrational hatred and fear of same-sex relations is common in several societies around the world, in as much as the degree of such hostile actions towards individuals in same sex relationships vary considerably. Homophobia is therefore considered as a social construction and hatred produced by institutionalized biases in a culture or society. In as much as the homosexuality of these individuals are accepted by their loved ones, the focus on aspects such as activism has slowly changed from familial relations to public legal issues. Given this, the variances in laws and restrictions based on the aspect of sexual orientation are evident across the world.
Several countries have therefore developed and passed national laws aimed at protecting homo and bisexuals from discrimination. Such countries include Denmark, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Sweden, and Spain among others. The United States has the civil right laws that include the sexual orientation act. On the other hand, there are other states that have placed bans on the practice of certain sexual acts between individuals of the same gender while other states have included the heterosexual couples in the same ban on specified sexual acts. This has seen international organizations take an active role in protecting sexual orientations through the consideration of human rights policies. The United Nations through its programs among other commissions such as the International Labor Office, the U.N High Commission for Refugees and the Development Program are additionally involved in the promotion and monitoring of the rights of homo sexuals.
2 In the 60 minutes segment, “The science of sleep”, the latest research on this important aspect of human existence is examined. Review this research. Be sure to include information regarding behavioral and biological functioning following complete and partial sleep deprivation.
For several years, the physiological function of the element o

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