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Self Categorization Theory: Social Psychology (Essay Sample)


Discuss and Describe self-categorization theory and how it applies to social influence.


Self Categorization Theory
The self-categorization theory is one of the socially psychological theories which elaborates the situations under which someone will be involved with collections of people as a group and the likely outcomes of perceiving the people as a group. Despite having an initial objective of explaining the psychological formation of a group, the theory also analyzes the mode in which various categorization processes in the social phenomenon and interaction which is concerned more with individual issues than group issues (Reynolds, 2011). John Turner and his colleagues came up with this theory which to some extent correspond to the social identity which was also generated by John Turner. The self-categorization method was developed as a component of the social identity approach and was designed to look into the questions that came up in response to the social identity theory concerning the sensitive basics of social identification.
The self-categorization theory has had a significant influence on the social psychology field academically and other sectors as well. The first application of this theory was in the aspects of social impact, group polarization, collective action and group cohesion. Over the years the argument has been utilized as part of the social identity approach in various topics such as personality, power, and leadership (Reynolds, 2011). One of the principles that the theory applies is that self should not be regarded as the basis of cognition, but instead, it should be termed as a result of a cognitive system in its functioning.
Self Categorization Theory and Social Influence
The issue of social

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