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Scientific Method of Research in Psychology (Essay Sample)


Discuss why it is important to learn about research, and why the scientific method is important in psychological research.


Scientific Method of Research in Psychology

Research is an effective way of gaining knowledge and confirming theories. The main reason why people conduct research is to inform action (Haig, 2014). Research has also been used as a basis for implementing policies and projecting future outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary for researchers to gather accurate data from their study before making any conclusions. To accurately gather information from research, it is necessary for the research to be of high quality since most information can be applied to other external settings.

Several methods can be utilized to ensure that the information gotten is accurate. The important step to successful research is an iteration. Constantly referring to the data, method of research and the research question repeatedly often leads to new ideas and improvements. Although some research might seem straightforward, referring back multiple times could lead to more accurate findings. Oftentimes, new research questions come up when peers and advisors gather to discuss the research project. The more times the researchers discuss the project, the more likely the project is bound to take a different shape. Therefore, it is necessary for researchers to accept the fact that a research process is iterative and cyclical.

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