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The Role of Love in Personality Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


The Role of Love in Personality Theory   Choose at least three (3) different theoretical perspectives that have been covered in this course to date and discuss how the construct of love is conceptualized by each theoretical framework. How is love defined
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The Role of Love in Personality
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The Role of Love in Personality
The 1st one is the Psychoanalytical Aspects of Personality and Freud. It discusses that behavior is caused by instincts and the basic ones are love and death. In this sense, love is for establishing a foundation and continuing be harmonious in relationships. Death is for reversing connections and bond between humans by destroying it. These two either agree or disagree with each other if repulsion will occur (Friedman and Schustack, 2011).
The 2nd one is the Humanistic, Existential, and Positive Aspects of

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