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Road Rage - A Mental Health Disorder Epidemiology (Essay Sample)


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Road rage
Road Rage
Road rage is a mental health disorder. Though it is manifested on the road by aggressive drivers, it is usually a culmination of other psychological factors that amount to their rage. The aggressor usually perceives other people on the road as a danger to himself/herself over very slight provocations and reacts aggressively. Mentally healthy people usually perceive the same situation differently and rather than reacting aggressively, they react in a way that avoids confrontation. Therefore, road rage is usually a culmination of a variety of psychological substrates and thus it can be classified as a mental disorder.
According to (Sansone & Sansone, 2010), road rage is ‘described as a constellation of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that occur in response to a perceived unjustified provocation while driving.’  Sansone & Sansone go ahead and describe the epidemiology of road rage. They described road rage prevalence from several Canadian primary sources and found out that ‘31.7 percent reported shouting or cursing at another driver and 2.1 percent reported threatening to hurt someone or damage a vehicle.’ Additionally, the studies showed that ‘one-third of community drivers have engaged in aggressive behavior toward another driver while on the road, but far fewer (≤2%) actually report serious threatening behavior or damage to another person or vehicle.’ Secondly, the research also showed that the gender and age profiles of offenders were ‘predominantly

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