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Research Methods in Psychology. Psychology Essay. (Essay Sample)


Textbook - Creswell, J. W. (2018). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. (5th ed.). Sage.
Search for five peer-reviewed articles about a specific problem in your field of study that has not been sufficiently resolved.
Craft a paragraph where you summarize the problem identified in the articles and include citations to the five articles you identified to support your writing.
Then, summarize the three approaches to research outlined in the Creswell text.
Based on the problem you explored in the peer-reviewed articles, state which research approach is the best choice to study the identified problem and justify your choice.

Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 3-5 pages. Be sure to use APA formatting with a title and reference page.


Understanding and Controlling Teenage Suicide
Institutional Affiliation
Understanding and Controlling Teenage Suicide
Coggan, C., Patterson, P., & Fill, J. (1997). Suicide: Qualitative data from focus group interviews with youth. Social science & medicine, 45(10), 1563-1570.
This paper purposes to demonstrate how the use of groups could serve as a remedy to the suicides among the youths. The findings of this work outlines that there are some signs that can alert individuals on the possible suicide among the youths. Some of these signs include sudden changes in behavior, risk-taking behavior and unusual actions. This work recommends that an individual feeling stressed should turn to a friend for consultation and motivation.
Grimmond, J., Kornhaber, R., Visentin, D., & Cleary, M. (2019). A qualitative systematic review of experiences and perceptions of youth suicide. PloS one, 14(6).
The objective of this study is to analyze and synthesize qualitative studies which illustrates the experiences and the thoughts of the people aged 25 years and below. To do this, 27 studies surrounding the youth suicide were reviewed. Additionally, interview involving the youth and the wider community was also included. 

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