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Article Analysis on Alcohol Abuse Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


I need this paper at 11:53PM Central time. NO LATER.
I need a 1500 word paper based on the article provided in the attachments.
The article is fairly straightforward and easy to understand and the questions needing to be answered are very simple.
need to reach the word count!!
**I have attached the instructions as well as the article.
I need the questions that are in the instructions all answered. Everything needed to know about what the paper is on is in the instructions attachment. As long as there are not too many quotes, only if needed with citations, and if the questions are answered in essay format based on the article it should be good!
Times new roman, 12 pt font, 1500 words - not including references.
Only need that one reference of the article.
*The citation of it is:
Montoya, J. A., Wittenburg, D., & Martinez, V. (2016). Alcohol use among Hispanic college students along the US/Mexico border. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 42(6), 707–714. https://doi(dot)org/10.1080/00952990.2016.1185433



Final Paper Instructions


Choose one of the two journal articles from Blackboard (PDFs for each article are uploaded) and write a 1500-word paper. Your choices of journal articles include:


Montoya, J. A., Wittenburg, D., & Martinez, V. (2016). Alcohol use among Hispanic college students along the US/Mexico border. The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse42(6), 707-714.


Wong, R. Y. M., & Hong, Y. Y. (2005). Dynamic influences of culture on cooperation in the prisoner's dilemma. Psychological science16(6), 429-434.


For the final paper, you should address all of the following points and answer the questions listed below:


  1. Summarize the paper (ALL questions must be answered)
  • What were the hypotheses?
  • What methods did the author(s) use?
  • What were the results?
  • What did the author(s) conclude?
  1. Comment on the article’s theories/methods (TWO questions must be answered)
  • Did the authors provide any alternative explanations and if so, what were they?
  • Did you have any questions/comments about the methods that were used?
  • What improvements to the methods would you recommend in order to exclude any possible confounding factors?
  1. Come up with relevant new ideas that could be further explored (THREE questions must be answered)
  • What could be further investigated along this line of research?
  • Were there any variables that were excluded in the current study that could/should be included in the future?
  • Would the study yield different results if it was conducted on a different population?
  • Could a different method have been used in the current study? Would the alternative method yield different results?


Please answer the questions in your own words. Direct extraction of information from the journal article must be cited in proper APA format (you can use Purdue OWL online for instructions on how to do this; both in-text citations and reference page are required ONLY if you choose to include citations). If you do not do this, it will be considered plagiarism.


When writing this paper, you should try your best to describe the journal article you chose in your own words in order to indicate proper understanding of the article. Too much direct reference to the original paper (with minimal original wording) may lead to point deduction, as it is not from you and won’t be considered as your work.


You should specify which article you choose by putting the title of the article on top of your final paper. Your final paper must be written in 12-pt Times New Roman font and at least 1500 words (excluding title and references). There are no page limits, but you should make sure the word count is at least 1500 words. You will lose 30 points (15 points for font, 15 points for word count) if you do not do this.


Please submit your final paper through the appropriate folder/link on Blackboard. You will not be able to submit your final paper after 11:59pm on Monday, August 3rd. It is your responsibility to make sure your final paper is completed and successfully turned in. As per the syllabus, I do not accept late assignments. Make sure you receive a receipt from TurnItIn to ensure that your assignment was successfully submitted.


Article Analysis on Alcohol Abuse
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There is an increasing prevalence of drinking inside college campuses in the U.S. which leads to an increasingly positive and negative social and behavioral pattern. One in five college students indulges in binge drinking. In line with these findings, Montoya, Wittenburg, & Martinez (2016) studied the prevalence of alcohol use among Hispanic college students who reside near the United States-Mexican border. This paper critically analyzes this research paper and discusses the bases of the authors.
Montoya, Wittenburg, & Martinez (2016) investigated the drinking habits of Hispanic college students in the premise that these are secondary to acculturation on binge-drinking of the selected participants situated at the border of South Texas. The researchers based the study on the reports that Hispanics or other cultural minorities have a higher prevalence of binge-drinking compared to the White Americans. However, the results of these reports lean on the European American students, making the Hispanics underrepresented. Montoya, Wittenburg, & Martinez (2016) also think that the results of the reports are biased since the studies were not done in the areas where there is a dense population of Hispanics.

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