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Reasons Why Gloria’s Son Is Making Poor Decisions (Essay Sample)


Case Study Assignment Template Note: Please use this template to complete the Case Study Assignment
Gloria has recently graduated college and started a new job. Her coworkers seem very nice, and Gloria has gotten to know Lakeisha and Reggie the best.

Reggie is a friendly older man who often talks about his plans for retirement in five years. He likes to make people laugh but often jokes about his struggles to learn new programs and technology.
Gloria and Lakeisha have been assigned to work on a project together. Lakeisha is very organized and has prepared a list of to-do items along with due dates. She even color-coded the list to indicate which partner will do each item. Gloria, who is more laid-back, feels a bit uncomfortable with this micromanaging from Lakeisha, who has only been at the job a few months longer than she has. Gloria wonders if Lakeisha thinks she is either lazy or stupid, and she does not look forward to working on this project. In the past, Gloria attempted to communicate her feelings with a co-worker; however, her coworker told Gloria that she needed to put her feelings aside and just do the work assigned to her. As Gloria ponders having a conversation with Lakeisha, she starts to feel overwhelmed and thinks she might have to ask to be removed from this project.
Still, she and Lakeisha have connected because they are both single mothers of teenagers. Gloria confides in Lakeisha about her 16-year-old son who has started making poor choices and is currently grounded for sneaking out of the house and getting drunk at a party the night before a big exam.
The company recently informed the team that there will be a compliance test on new safety policies, which employees will need to pass in order to keep their jobs. The company has provided materials to study as well as optional practice exams. Gloria and Lakeisha have signed up to take the first practice test. Reggie, however, jokes that he will probably wait until the night before the test to read the material. As the date of the test approaches, Reggie becomes increasingly nervous. He makes frequent comments about how hard it is for him to learn a different way of doing the jobs that he has been doing for years, joking that “you can’t teach an old man new tricks.”
1. Gloria’s son is making poor decisions. Given what you have learned about a) brain development and b) social development in Chapter 3:
Explain why Gloria’s son is making those poor decisions.
Discuss specific strategies Gloria can implement to help her son make better choices.
Use specific concepts related to development and self-regulation to explain why these strategies would be effective.
2. Reggie is demonstrating a fixed mindset. How is Reggie’s mindset affecting the way he prepares for the new compliance test?
Use brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) to explain how Reggie can start to develop a growth mindset.
Suggest study strategies for Reggie so that he will be prepared for the compliance test. Use specific concepts from Chapter 4 to explain why these strategies will be effective.
3. Consider Gloria and Lakeisha’s different approaches to the project. On which of the Big 5 personality traits do they most differ?
Give advice to Gloria on how she can use emotional regulation and cognitive reappraisal to work with Lakeisha.
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Case Study
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Reasons why Gloria’s son is making poor decisions
Gloria’s adolescent son is in his psychological stage of development. During this stage, teenagers are confused when trying to balance between identity and role. Research shows that adolescents would try to refine their sense of self-awareness by assuming different duties and functions CITATION Dav10 \l 1033 (Shaffer, 2010). They then embed the experience gathered from their attempts to create an identity, or they get further confused with what they are. For instance, Gloria’s makes wrong choices when he sneaks from the house to go to a party where he gets drunk during the eve of his significant examination. As a student and a child of a single mother who is trying to make ends meet, he is expected to work hard and help his mother up instead of getting drunk a day before his exams. Secondly, during the psychological stage of adolescents’ development, teenagers work to win their peers’ approval CITATION Glo15 \l 1033 (DeGaetano, 2015). Therefore, Gloria’s would sneak out of the house to avoid disapproval from others and prove a point to them that he is capable of going to such an end.
The following are some of the strategies that Gloria can use to help her son to make better decisions
Firstly, Gloria can try to be friendly to her son. This will enable her to be on the know and have some clue of what her son is planning to do and advise him otherwise. As a friend, her son will also be free to introduce the kind of friends he closely associates with his mother. This will help her to know the type of friends her son has because bad friends influence one to make bad decisions. Therefore, Gloria will be able to advise her son to cease from associating with bad companies. Secondly, Gloria can use open communication CITATION Dav10 \l 1033 (Shaffer, 2010). Whenever a parent creates an atmosphere that favors openness, children will be free to express what they are undergoing. In return, a parent will get an invaluable insight into what their children are experiencing and help them to avoid making potential mistakes beforehand CITATION Dav87 \l 1033 (Stevenson, 1987). Therefore, Gloria can use this technique to familiarize with her son better and guide him accordingly in the right direction.
The last and riskier strategy that Gloria can use to make her son make better decisions is to let him learn from his mistakes. Gloria can give her son go through the consequences of his poor choices after which, she can talk to him and show him the right way of doing things CITATION Glo15 \l 1033 (DeGaetano, 2015). Letting a child learn their lessons in a hard way is a strategy that enables them to think critically and carefully the next time they are exposed to a similar scenario because the experience is the best teacher.
Use specific concepts related to development and self-regulation to explain why these strategies would be effective
Firstly, being friendly to her son would work because, during the psychological stage of development, adolescents are fast cho

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