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Psychology Reaction Paper (Essay Sample)


Instructions for the paper: Review an item of professional, peer-reviewed literature over a topic in Psychology. The student must then construct a reference in APA Format for the article he/she read. The student will then type a one-page (double spaced) summary of and reaction to the article (exceeding one page will result in penalty).
Grading Rubric:
5 points: Choose a research study from a peer-reviewed journal.
15 points: Paragraph 1 will summarize the research using NO quotes from the article.
15 points: Paragraph 2 will include a critical thinking response. (Why is this research finding important? What have you learned that applies to your life? What question has the activity raised for you?)
15 points: Create an APA citation for the article you read.


Psychology Reaction Paper
Institutional Affiliation
Psychology Reaction Paper
The article “Bipolar Affective Disorder and its Impact on Various Aspects of Marital Relationship” by Grover, Nehra, and Thakur (2017) is premediated on the fact that bipolar disorders (BD) have a significant influence on marriages which includes immediate family members. BD patients are less likely to get married with the prevalence rates of 30.3% and 30.8% among males and females respectively. On the other hand, women in marriages were less likely to have depressive episodes although the same could not be said of men. Unfortunately, their fertility rates lowers significantly with comparisons with the general population placing them at 17%. E

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