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Psychologists theorists and modern technology Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


choose a personality theorist and Write a paper on how they would say today's technology (ie cell phone usage, social media, ordering food, groceries, whatever we want with apps, having so much at our fingertips, etc) and
influences personality functioning (ie contributes to its development, what personality factors could contribute to technology usage, etc).
-Incorporate at least two peer-reviewed journal articles into your paper with appropriate citations and references.
-APA format, but no about an Abstract or Title Page
choose only one to write their viewpoint, carl rogers, erik eriksin, bf skinner




Carl Rogers on Technology

Technology is ubiquitous and powerful. Today, smart mobility solutions, AI systems and increasing user acceptance are making IT-enabled offerings – at work, home and school – an everyday reality. Consistently, education, or learning in a wider sense, is relying on IT innovations in ways unimagined a few years ago. Indeed, educators, particularly in learning institutions proper such as schools and colleges, have been harnessing growing power of IT innovations not only for learning purposes per se yet, more importantly, to contribute to learner's own personal and personality development over short learning and long life spans. The history of education is, for one, full of examples of educators or education philosophers, so to speak, who have emphasized a learner-centered approach to learning and, in more recent years, a technology-assisted learning experience. For current purposes, Carl Rogers, a leading US psychologist of considerable contributions to psychotherapy and education, is of central interest. The impact f current IT-enabled innovations is, more specifically, is discussed in relation to personality functioning as proposed by Rogers.

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