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Psychological Problem Esay. Psychology Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Now that you have selected your "Big Problem,” we will begin to explore how psychological science can contribute to our understanding of the source of your problem. For this, we will identify three psychological perspectives (discussed in Ch. 1) relevant to your problem. In addition, we will discuss how research ethics and diversity issues might affect our exploration of the causes of your problem. Before starting, be sure to go back and take a look at feedback your peers may have provided, or questions they may have asked that might be helpful digging deeper in to your topic.
In a 200-300 word essay in paragraph form, submitted bv July 20. please respond to the points listed below. After posting, please respond to at least two different classmates bv 11:59pm on July 22. Ask them challenging questions about their topic or provide them with a link to other resources relevant to their problem.
1. Identify three psychological perspectives relevant to your problem out of this list:
o Biological Cognitive o Developmental o Social/Personality o Mental/Physical Health
2. Define each of your three perspectives, using information from your textbook or other scholarly sources (might require, or be helpful, to do a little reading ahead in later chapters that discuss in depth whichever perspectives you select).
3. Describe WHY you think each perspective is relevant to understanding the source of your problem.
4. Imagine that you are a psychologist designing research to learn more about the causes of your problem. Describe one ethical challenge you might face in your research, based on your textbook (Chapter 1) or other scholarly sources.
5. Describe how issues related to diversity might influence the causes of your problem. For example, are any aspects of your problem associated with socioeconomic status? Gender? Race and ethnicity? Ideological views?


Psychological Problem
Institution Affiliation:
Psychological Problem
Psychological problems develop from adverse events happening in one’s environment. Schizophrenia is a state that makes individuals view the world in delusion. It is a psychotic disorder characterized by emotional approachability and thoughts disintegration.

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