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Discussion Board Work Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Hi, I will upload the screenshot of requirements, there will be several questions, please answer each question based on the book I upload later. Thank you! PS: the question "Caroll reading" means the author of the book.the following link is the CRAIG HILL READING:


Discussion Board Work
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Discussion Board Work
Self Report
I was not able to remember these kinds of behaviors easily, probably because they occurred may years ago. While I cannot rule out the fact that as a child, I might have explored my body, I cannot remember when or how I did it. However, I remember that I was always curious about the breasts and shapes of girls and when we played, I had a special feeling. I realized they also seemed to like it whenever we played games such as hide and seek. To me, I tended to compare other girls with my sister who was two years older than I was. Whereas I do not remember touching my genitals or exploring my body, I remember I was always curious about how it would feel like to touch and explore them. Sometimes, I would stare at the protrusion of breasts of my mother’s and sisters’ friends.

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