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Discuss The Implications Of Parental Alliance And Bonding On A New Baby (Essay Sample)


3 pages per question:
1. Discuss the implications of parental alliance and bonding on the new baby. What fosters parental alliance and bonding? What are potential consequences for impaired bonding and/or parental alliance?
2. Given what you have learned about language development in the first two years of life, what effects do you think early and repeated ear infections or colds in the first two years have on language development?


Question one: Discuss the Implications of parental alliance and bonding on a new baby. What Fosters parental alliance and bonding? What are the potential consequences of impaired bonding and parental alliance?
Infancy is the period or duration of early childhood (Menyuk, Liebergott, & Schultz, 2014). During the stage of infancy, babies learn a lot of stuff such as crawling, laughing and communicating. Parental alliance, together with bonding, plays significant roles in the growth and development of the newborn. Accordingly, this question seeks to analyze the implications of parental alliance and bonding on the newborn baby, the factors that foster bonding and parental alliance and the consequences prone to occur because of impaired parental alliance and bonding.
There are many implications of parental alliance and bonding on the new baby. Parental alliance is an important aspect as it elaborates the linkage of marriage to the experiences related to childcare. It is an element of marital relationships particularly pertaining to raising infants together through the sharing of roles involved. The major concern of parental alliance is the techniques that partners apply to offer support and display respect for each other as they undertake parent responsibilities (Camisasca, Miragoli, & Di Blasio, 2014). Parental alliance serves as a mediator of the association amid marital adjustment and stress caused by parenting. This could help in fostering collaboration, shared contribution and reliable insights concerning the child hence facilitating positive interactions reducing the levels of parenting distress. Parental alliance equips parents with emotional and psychological means to enable them handle the burdens of parenting. It has an influence on the emotional, social and behavioral development of a newborn (Camisasca, Miragoli, & Di Blasio, 2014).
The process of bonding with a new baby normally occurs naturally with the mother of the child since they hold them often, sing and nurse them. Bonding ensures the adequate provision of care to the infant. It creates a feeling of love and affection to the little one while seeking to assure them of receiving their needs in good time. It allows the development of strong ties between the parents and the child. This provides an opportunity for the newborn to have an intimate relation nurturing a sense of belonging, safety and confidence. Bonding affects the social as well as the cognitive development of a new baby as it depends on the responsiveness of the parent to the signals that a child shows. It may help in preventing the incidence of illnesses, boosting immunity and enhancing the intelligence quotient of the child (Bicking Kinsey, & Hupcey, 2013).
Many factors foster parental alliance and bonding. These include the need to lower the risks of children developing emotional and behavioral issues for instance, poor abilities to interact with other people socially and disorderly conducts. Parents understand the effect of such problems among their children as they grow. They are aware of the impact they may have towards their social life and self-esteem. This, in turn, nurtures the spirit of the parental alliance since most parents fear subjecting their babies to such dangers. The other factor is to enhance the ability to overcome risky situations such as poverty, single parenting and maternal despair. This is because parental alliance allows the sharing of duties and burdens during the raising of the baby; therefore, the probability of facing financial constraints is minimal. It also prevents the existence of depression due to parenting and reduces the chances of having a divorce. The need to affect positively the intellectual growth of a child and to enable the improvement of the...

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