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The Debate Between Nature And Nurture Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Define nature and nurture.
Which do you believe is more important in the development of behavior? Use an example from your life to provide evidence for your answer.


Nature Vs. Nurture
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January 18, 2018
The debate between Nature and Nurture has been one of the longest ones in the field of Socialization. On one hand, proponents of the Nature side of things, purports that in the development of an individual, Natural factors such as genetics, diet, and the external physical environment shapes how he thinks and perceives that world. On the other hand, those who supports the idea of Nurture believes that social factors present a more significant effect on the individual himself. While both sides have their own strong points, I believe that Nurture is much more important in the determination of an individual's personality. I was able to realize

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