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Motor Development Interaction With Affect Children’s Cognitive And Perceptual Development (Essay Sample)

Please choose to answer only one of the following questions for your writing assignment.
In your answer, please provide an opening statement, three arguments in support of your opening
statement (opinion), three pieces of empirical research (i.e., studies) as support for your arguments,
and a closing statement. You may use any empirical, rigorous scientific research as support
however, do not use anecdotal evidence, or unpublished work. You should use journal articles
that report original data/studies as evidence. Do not use textbooks, websites, chapters of
edited books, review papers or meta-analyses as evidence. Please be sure to provide references for
your empirical support


Motor development interaction with/affect children’s cognitive and/or perceptual development
Q: In your opinion and based on scientific, peer-reviewed published evidence, does children’s motor development interact with/affect children’s cognitive and/or perceptual development?

Opening statement
Children’s motor development interacts with/affects children’s cognitive and/or perceptual development as motor performance is related to the cognitive and perceptual domains of development.
Arguments in support of opening statement
Motor development is associated with improved body coordination, performance in movements and object control. If motor development interacts with cognitive development then children with impaired development disorders are more likely to show delays in different development domains. Children with poor motor skills have impaired cognitive development and may indicate delays in development including the way the children interact. Cognitive and perceptual development delays may precede motor development, and when inadequate motor skills have this is likely to worsen cognitive development
Motor development affects how the children understand their surroundings. While motor development may interact with/affect children’s cognitive and/or perceptual development the associations change as the child develops. At the early stages of life, motor skills are more likely to be associated with the cognitive and perceptual development domains. The interaction between motor and cognitive development ought to be explored further to be better understand how cognitive-motor skills are linked with childhood development.
Motor skills development improves coordination and is associated with better perceptual development. Motor skill training improves object control and is linked with perceptual development as children exercise judgment to the best of their ability. Children with intellectual disabilities are likely to face more challenges to master the subject. As the children develop motor skills this alt...
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