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Practical Application/Social Justice Assignment. Psychology Essay. Racism: Its Consequences in Society and Possible Solutions (Essay Sample)


Identify an area of personal study or interest and discuss its intersection with positive psychology:
1. Choose a social cause that you are passionate about (e.g., racial equity, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, climate change) and incorporate your knowledge of positive psychology to inform potential solutions to these social problems.
... OR ....
2. Discuss how your knowledge of positive psychology can be used to enrich professional practice in a field of your choosing (e.g., business, marketing, education, film, theatre, public administration).
A shortcut to this topic is: “Considering positive psychology’s aim to enhance human flourishing worldwide, how can the field make a significant impact on promoting healthy environments and institutions?” We want you to think big and dream, using empirically-based constructs of positive psychology to support your vision. An example: “Individuals, homes, businesses, and communities are working to support environmentally friendly living. Positive psychology can help by...” (And then describe the ways in which PERMA, and/or self- regulation, and/or goal-setting, etc. can support this effort). Please do not focus on achievements that we have already discussed in class (i.e. the work of Dweck in education).
This assignment will no longer take the form of a 4-5 page paper. Instead, you may choose whichever format you prefer to present your thoughts and ideas in response to the above prompt. For example, you can choose to create a campaign flyer, a public announcement in the form of a video presentation, an informational brochure, or some kind of artistic representation (song, drawing, painting). This is a non-exhaustive list of options that you may consider. Check in with your TA if you would like help brainstorming an idea.
You will be graded on:
your ability to clearly communicate the message of how positive psychology can promote healthy environments and institutions, either through solutions to social justice issues or in a professional field of your choosing;
your ability to ground your message in evidence from course readings and concepts;
your creativity and vision (i.e., presenting unique and original ideas that move beyond course readings, lectures, and class discussions).


Racism: Its Consequences in Society and Possible Solutions
Due Date
Racism: Its Consequences in Society and Possible Solutions
Racial equality refers to the fair inclusion of people from all walks of life into a society where they can achieve academic, social, cultural, economic, and financial ambitions without discrimination. Racism is more of a social aspect than a biological one. In the United States, racial inequality has been advanced and promoted over the years by structural racism. Structural racism fundamentally refers to the political, historical, and economic policies formulated by the previous governments, which unfortunately work against the people of color. Although there have been attempts to eradicate racial inequality, it is still deeply embedded in society. The consequences of racial inequality in society, the measures that some companies have put in place to minimize it, and the general strategies that can be implemented to eradicate it in the education and health sector will be given much prominence in this paper.
So how has racial inequality been manifested in the United States? Statistics indicate that the wealth associated with white Americans is 13 times black Americans and ten times that of Latinos. In addition to that, during the global economic recession, black Americans lost 66 percent of their wealth, Latin Americans lost 56 percent of their wealth, and whites only 16 percent of their wealth. On health grounds, the figures indicated that 40 percent of black men and 57 percent of black women experienced hypertension cases, which is a relatively higher rate than their white counterparts (Blackwell, 2017). 

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