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Health Psychology. Psychology Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Will focus on the stress response and moderators of the stress response (i.e., factors that either exacerbate or ease the stress response). One of the most important moderators of the stress response is social support. For this assignment, describe a situation that gave you stress and what was your behavioral response (i.e. what was your body’s reaction, what behavioral measures did you seek out, etc). Did your behaviors attempt to explain why some people seem to have more social support than others (even when living in similar social environments) which may help to alleviate stress. Consider how you respond to different people around you. Also, consider how people respond to you: do they freely offer you support or is it harder to come by? Perhaps you are uncomfortable with receiving support? How do these patterns play out over time and how do they change when managing stress?
The assignment should be in the form of a 2-3 page written assignment, double-spaced pages (11 point font, 1 inch margins), an APA style reference list, no exceptions. The quality of writing and style should be scholarly, professional, and polished. Polished means the paper is free of errors. You will be assessed on all aspects of APA style including but not limited to writing, grammar, bias in language, punctuation, appropriate attribution of ideas, quotations, and references. You will be asked to consider how the topics we are discussing in class apply in either your own life or in the lives of people around you. The specific questions are provided below. It will be important to draw on both theory and direct personal experience.


Student’s Name:
Health Psychology
What stress is, it’s origin and how to manage it has become a daily conversation everywhere as the world keeps becoming more and more difficult to live. Notably, it is very important to know and understand how to manage it daily. The external environment is often what is seen as a source of stressors and a person’s body where the stress response comes from. The psychology which is external and the physiology meaning the human body both add up to form stress. Withal, Stress is all in regards to an individual. The way an individual perceives the environment he is in and how the stress makes him react. If one reacts positively, then this is termed as eustress and distress is when he takes it in a negative manner.
With external factors such as a change or loss of job, marital problems to the internal ones which includes the way one handles problems, personality and the way of thinking. Even though stress is often seen as negativity that should be gotten rid of, a good amount of pressure can push one to yield better results in their fields of work and increase the efficiency. However, when the levels of stress are too high, one’s psychological health may be affected.
As a student, I always go through a lot of stress in my school l

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