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Gender Role Analysis of an Individual Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Professor said: "Interview someone using the attached interview guide. Then analyze their answers the same way you did for your own gender role analysis. " I will attach the interview questions.
Under: It is what I used to analyze my own gender. so we need to use the same way to analyze what We interview' gender role.
1. What were you encouraged to do/not do, or to be/not be in order to be considered masculine or feminine when you were growing up:
What did you learn about adulthood and what men and women are expected to do, or not to do?
What were/are the sources of those messages? Discuss at least 5 sources of messages from this list:
YOUR FAMILY (parents, siblings, other relatives);
YOUR FRIENDS and PEERS (classmates, etc.)
GROUPS YOU AFFILIATATED WITH (sports, boys and girls clubs, internships, volunteering or work)
SCHOOL (teachers, the curriculum, sports)
MEDIA (social media, television, movies, music, print media, video games, the internet).
2. Did you then, or do you now, conform to or challenge these expectations?
3. Have you ever felt the need to hide, change, or modify an aspect of yourself because of gender expectations that were placed on you?
4. Describe which 2-3 theories about gender development and gender identity BEST explain how you have been shaped/ influenced by gender and the expectations that may have been placed upon you. For example: biology, evolution, psychodynamic theories of development, social learning, cognitive development, social roles, gender schemas, etc.
6. Which of these theoretical perspectives seem the most plausible to you in explaining how you developed your gender identity and how you express your gender today?
7. For each theory you discuss please: name the theory, summarize the main ideas of that theory, show how the theory applies to you.
8. Now that you have completed your analysis, return to your results from the Bem Sex Role Inventory. What is your opinion of your scores now? The same as before? Different? Why or why not?
8. Include citations in the body of your paper, video or audio narration. If you write a paper use American Psychological Association (APA) citation format and list all sources used at the end of your paper. If you present PPT slides, do the same. For an oral citation include: the title, author, date and the author's credentials or title of publication, and during your talk you would say, "In the textbook by Brannon, we learned about the cognitive development theory by Kohlberg (1966), who says that..."
In-Text Citation in APA Format


Gender Role Interview Guide: Suggested Process and Questions

Begin by thanking your interviewee for agreeing to participate. Next, tell them the purpose of the interview, what will be done with the interview data, and that the results will be anonymous (their name will not be used). End by asking if they have any questions. For example:


“Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my Gender Psychology assignment!  In this interview, I’m going to ask you to share what has influenced your gender. This interview is anonymous. I will not share your name with anyone. I will use your interview to help me understand how different people experience gender. I would like to take notes / record this interview, but it is only for me. I will use my interview to write a reflection paper, using theories from the course. I am happy to share a summary of this paper with you. Is this something you'd be willing to do?  Great!  Do you have any questions before we get started?” 

Great! Let’s get started:


  1. Think of someone who has shaped your gender identity.


  1. What lessons did you learn from them about gender?


  1. What were the ways they influenced you – words, actions, experiences?  Can you think of some examples?


  1. Did you conform to or challenge their expectations about gender?


  1. What were you encouraged to do/not do, or to be/not be to be appropriate for your gender while growing up? 


  1. What did you learn about adulthood and what was appropriate for an adult of your gender? 


  1. Tell about some your other influences about gender, for example: FAMILY, FRIENDS, YOUR COMMUNITY, GROUPS YOU AFFILIATATED WITH ( sports, clubs, jobs/work), SCHOOL, RELIGION, THE MEDIA (television, movies, music, print, videogames, and internet).  


  1. Did you ever feel the need to hide, change, or modify an aspect of yourself because of gender expectations that were placed on you? Are there any ways you have rebelled?


  1. Overall, would you say these influences were positive or negative?


10.  Looking back, is there anything you wish was different about the influences you experienced about your gender?  


11. Is there anything else you would like to share?


Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!  


Gender Role Analysis of an Individual
The Interviewees' results of the Open Sex-Role Inventory reveal high femininity than masculinity scores. The OSRI measurement scales indicate 122 femininity and 70 masculinity scores, at an average of 100. The results identify the individual as feminine in the Bem’s gender classification. Also, the person was born with female physical characteristics, attributing to who she is as a female. Therefore, the test results have confirmed her gender identity, relating to the logical information and processing she acquired from her relatives at a tender age. This paper discusses the factors contributing to her identity through people's awareness during her growth and development.
The interviewee grew up in a surrounding impacted and shaped by who her mom and aunt thought she is as a person. According to them, there are things she was and was not supposed to do as a lady. Her gender identification as a lady was significant to them, and she had to conform to what they thought she should do or not, and she could not entirely control what they believed. For instance, she learned that she must be soft-spoken as a woman. Her aunt and mom taught that it is disrespectful for a lady to talk too much or loudly.

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