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Forensic psychology 11 Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


1.Thoroughly describe and discuss Henggeler’s model of Multisystemic Therapy, including a) for whom it is intended; b) the role of psychologists; c) the treatment strategy used; d) training of service providers; and 4) evaluation results.
2. Describe a model treatment program for juvenile offenders in any two of the above categories: violent offenders, sex offenders, substance abusers.
3.What are the advantages of community-based rehabilitation programs for juveniles over residential programs? Given that it would be unrealistic to keep all juvenile offenders in the community, what form of institutional treatment is most likely to succeed? What would programming look like in the “ideal” residential treatment center?
I want the writer to use the provided pdf and other 2 resources in answering the questions.
question number 1 and 2 I want 330 words
and last question 165 words.
please make sure its apa style and you submit it on time and follow the instructions given


Juvenile Delinquency and its Treatment
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S.W. Henggeler’s Model of Multi-Systemic Therapy
The efficacy of Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) has been proven throughout the years of application. The positive responses from the youth were taken from those who underwent the therapy. The results reflected from the many beneficiaries of the comprehensive manual, that guides practitioners in providing clinical assessment and intervention with the delinquent youth and their families. (Henggeler, 2009). The application of the treatment greatly targets the youth that is diagnosed with antisocial behavior. The disorder can be said to be caused by the leading and contributing factors to juvenile delinquency namely, violence at home, violence at social circles or community, low school standards, peer pressure, socioeconomic factors, and lack of moral guidance. These delinquent youth, in turn, resort to being drug and alcohol dependent, sexual offenders to suicidal youths presenting psychiatric needs and emergencies. Consequently, the need to receive treatment of Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST).

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