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Solution-Oriented Family Therapy Psychology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


s you view the video and having read the chapters in the textbook, answer the following questions and discuss the questions below by providing an analysis and your own reflective understanding on how the theories may apply to the work you may do in the future:
Read: Goldenberg, Stanton & Goldenberg - Chapter 13, Social Construction Models I: Solution-Focused and Collaborative Therapy
Video: (Solution-Oriented Family Therapy) by Bill O'Hanlon
1. What is the theory upon which the model is based? In other words, what are the contentions/beliefs about family relationships that underpin the approach to therapy?
2. What do you find useful about the theory and demonstrated strategies?
3. What do you dislike about the model presented?
4. Do either of the models seem well-suited to specific problems/issues? If so, which and why?
5. Do you think that the common factors were evident and/or had an impact on the session?
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Solution-Oriented Family Therapy
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Solution-Oriented Family Therapy
Question 1
The theory that forms the foundation of the model is solution-focused therapy that shows and directs the behavior of the clients to cope up with difficulties. The method came from family therapy with the assistance of many social workers as the key to its development. The belief of the theory shows that an individual can change, a person has absolute power over her or his life, and people are in control of the change process (Goldenberg, Stanton & Goldenberg, 2016). For instance, they have actively to choose a change process according to their goals and the ways to achieve these goals.

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