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Factorial ANOVA with aggressive behavior in teenage boys (Essay Sample)


You already completed an order about the Factorial ANOVA for me, please refer back to order #00069116 or I can attach it.
You introduce the levels of the IVs in two different places (suggesting three levels in the first par., two levels later on), but it is not clear which IV you are referring to. Could you please add some specifics regarding your two IVs. Also, I am looking for information to support how the design (number of IVs and number of levels) factors into the sample size determination (in a study like this the sample size is determined in large part by the IVs and number of levels). Please address how we evaluate a sufficient sample size.


Factorial ANOVA Continuation
I would perform the factorial ANOVA with aggressive behavior in teenage boys as the dependent variable (factor), and violent video games (high-violence video games, moderate violence intensity game vs. Non violent games and adult involvement (High adult involvement vs. No adult involvement) influence as the independent variables. As there is more than one factor the experiment uses a factorial design approach. As such, the experiment has two factors, but the violent video game has three levels (elements), which indicate the intensity of violence.

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