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Evaluation of Technical Quality (Essay Sample)


For this assessment, you will conduct a deeper analysis of the technical quality of the selected test against Element 5 of the Code, which states that the test user will "evaluate evidence of the technical quality of the test provided by the test developer and any independent reviews."
Assume the role in the following scenario.
The setting in which you work has just experienced severe budget cuts, and the director intends to reduce the number of available tests from three to one. However, you are not convinced that the selected test is reliable or valid. After you raised your concerns in a meeting, your supervisor asked you to evaluate the technical quality of the test being recommended by the director and prepare a document that analyzes its psychometric properties of reliability and validity. Coincidentally, your selected test is the same one that the director is recommending for the setting.​
This assessment requires the completion of a template, which includes an executive summary that synthesizes the psychometric properties of the test and provides a final conclusion about its use at that setting.
Use the Assessment 2 Template: Evaluation of Technical Quality provided in the Required Resources to record your analysis of reliability and validity.
Use the test you selected for Assessment 1 to complete this assessment.
Executive Summary
Executive summaries are real-world deliverables used across disciplines, government, and corporations, designed to convey essential information at a glance. It states the problem or topic and summarizes the results, conclusions, or recommendations. There are many examples of executive summaries on the Internet adapted for many purposes and audiences.


Evaluation of Technical Quality
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Assessment 2: Evaluation of Technical Quality
This worksheet contains five sections:
* Section 1: Purpose and Intended Population of Selected Test.
* Section 2: Technical Review - Reliability of Selected Test.
* Section 3: Technical Review - Validity of Selected Test.
* Section 4: Synthesis and Conclusion about Selected Test’s Psychometrics.
* Section 5: Resources (APA Style).
Section 1: Purpose and Intended Population of Selected Test
Selected Test
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Edition abbreviated as (WISC-V).
Purpose of Text
The core objective is to test the general intelligence level of English as a first language among students.
Intended Population
Grammar and students in high school between the age of 6 and 16
Section 2: Technical Review – Reliability of Selected Test
Article Name and Author
(Full reference in Section 5)
Types of Reliability
(For example, test-retest, alternate forms, internal consistency, and inter-scorer or inter-rater.)
Reported (For example, Pearson r correlation, or item-reliability index.) Report values (for example, .90, .80, .70, et cetera.)
Qualitative Interpretation
(For example, strong, moderate, or weak).
Evidence Supporting Use of Test Y/N
1. O’Brien, E. Inhibition, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. The Impact of Self-regulated behavior and IQ.
Multiple regressions and alternate forms to assess the capability of design memory and DSB with a core objective of making a prediction on the performance of the PS task.
Person r correlation and moderate correlation.
(r= .44, r= .46) reported between Stroop color-word score and WISC as revised verbal comprehension index, full-scale IQ, and performance index.
A moderate qualitative interpretation
2. Breaux, K.C., Avita, M., Koriakin, T. Patterns of Strength and Weaknesses on the WISC-V, DAS-II, and KABC-II and Their Relationship to Students' Errors in Oral Language, Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math.
The use of norm-referenced error analysis to assess for inter scorer reliability of factor scores.
It can facilitate the identification of individual variations in reading and spelling strategies among children. Besides, it can help in identifying cognitive skills.
The use of non-reformed error analysis in two independent parallel forms for different subsets of data through the use of GCA scores.
High GCA is 72 while low GCA is 40 for Mathematics samples.
A strong qualitative interpretation.
3. Shapiro, S.M. (2017) Construct Validity of the WISC-V picture span subset.
Identification of convergent and divergent quality of WISC-V, picture span subtest, and the use of regression analysis using different forms of memory measures. Besides, it can be appropriate to use regression analysis for enough evidence of discriminant validity (Shapiro, 2017).
Pearson r correlation. Auditory working memory (r= .433, p= .0008), & visual working memory (r =.501, p= .002 (Shapiro, 2017)
A strong qualitative interpretation
Section 3: Technical Review – Validity of Selected Test
Article Name and Author
(Full reference in Section 5)
Types of Validity
(For example, content, criterion-related, and construct.)
Reported (For example, content validity ratio, va...

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