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Patterns of Emotion dysfunction in depression disorder (Essay Sample)


Your final paper should be in APA style (6th edition), double-spaced, Times New Roman
font, 1 inch margins, and should be at least 5 pages, but probably not more than 7 pages
(not including references or a title page)
 You should use PsycInfo, Google Scholar, or PubMed to find your articles; they should
be articles that you can obtain through the UMass library
 You should mostly review original scientific studies (i.e., “primary sources;” these are
studies that have a method and results section), but you may also use a few review papers
(i.e., “secondary sources”)
 You may use book chapters, but if you do, no more than two (you don’t NEED to use any
book chapters); you also should NOT use dissertations or theses
 Wikipedia or articles from pop psychology/news websites are not valid resources to use
 You should have at least 5-10 references listed; these should be resources for which you
were able to acquire the full-text, and not just the abstract
 You do not need to use any readings from class
 Your references should generally be from after the year 2000; however, there are some
exceptions to this (especially if you find a seminal paper on your topic that many other
papers reference)
 When summarizing research articles in your paper, you should include a description of
the size and type of participants in the sample, the methods used in the study, and a
summary of the main results
 You should be able to relate the articles you review back to the topic of your paper
 You should have some type of summary or discussion section at the end of your paper
summarizing your main points, and pointing to future directions of research on this topic
 You will be graded on both style and content, so please pay attention to writing clearly
and concisely, check for spelling and grammar, and re-read your writing to make sure
that your sentences flow from one sentence to the next and that your paper is well
 SafeAssign will be used to check for plagiarism; once you submit a draft of your paper
under “Assignments,” you will be able to view the originality report; if you’d like, you
can make edits to your paper accordingly, and re-submit (as long as the deadline has not
 All written work must be clear and articulate and use spelling, grammar, and style
appropriate for a college-level written assignment
 Your writing should show understanding of the material as well as critical thinking
 Be very careful to use your own words when you are writing
 Please refrain from using direct quotations unless absolutely necessary, as quoting does
not demonstrate understanding of the material


Patterns of Emotion Dysfunction in Depression Disorder
Description of The Disorder
Depression disorder (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a prevalent and a common mental condition that affects many people all over the world. Depression tends to have common emotive patterns that are considered credible symptoms of the disorder. This mental condition has the following symptoms: feeling sad, eating disorders, change of sleeping patterns, low self-esteem or guilty feeling, difficulty in making decisions, thoughts of death and or suicide, disinterest in activities once enjoyed. These symptoms can signal an onset of depression, and they need a professional to positively diagnose the condition. It is a mental illness that negatively affects how an individual feel, thinks and acts. It is commonly characterized by feeling sad and losing interest in activities that an individual once enjoyed. It also encompasses a variety of physical and emotive problems that affect a person’s ability to function, act or think rationally at work or home hence significantly affecting their social life and productivity. Symptoms must last at least two weeks for diagnosis. It is a treatable condition if proper interventions are taken in time.

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