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A Death of One’s Own Reflection Paper Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


This assignment will deepen your understanding of the experience, mystery, and controversy surrounding the ending of life.


Watch the video provided above: "A Death of One's Own"

After watching the video, write an essay that is at least 500 words on your thoughts/reaction/questions to the video. Identify at least 2 concepts from the chapter that are related to the video. Describe these concepts and how they are related to the stories shown in the video.

Web site for video : http://digital(dot)films(dot)com(dot)ezproxy(dot)vccs(dot)edu:2048/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=10480


A Death of One’s Own Reflection Paper
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December 5, 2018
Perhaps one of the most daunting thoughts that come to our mind is the idea of our death. The mystery and the possibility of merely ceasing to exist could easily strike fear in anyone’s hearts. Similarly, the film entitled ‘A Death of One’s Own’ elaborates on this kind of fear and tries to determine how most people cope by ‘controlling their fates’ by treating death as an easy way out. One of the most interesting cases that exemplifies this in the film was that of Jim Witcher. Being afflicted with ALS, a deadly and untreatable disease, he tries to control his fate by “timing his death.” In the video, Witcher wanted to undergo a process known as ‘euthanasia’ since he knows the sheer amount of pain that he would experience if he is to continue to live. However, Witcher was not given that kind of option as state policies prohibit its practice (, n.d.). From this, it could be seen how some people could view death as an ‘escape’ from the miseries of life.

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