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Critique Of The Selected Article: Behavior Analytic (Essay Sample)


I have attached the article and the rubric that needs to be followed. Please use titles for the different sections of the critique.


Introduction of the critique
As based on the article, the discussion is concentrated on the ability of humanoid to serve as patient stimulators as it is applied in behavior analytic research and practice. This essay seeks to conduct a critique regarding the chosen article on determining if humanoid robots could be used as a patient stimulator in medical field. The purpose of the essay is to extract learning insights, beneficial outcomes, and the challenges associated with the article’s discussion.
Critique of the selected article
The selected article is a research study with a clearly defined research problem, which is all about determining if humanoids are able to perform as patient stimulators in behavior analytic research and practice as the main statement. As for the methodology, the authors conducted an experimental research study to determine how efficient humanoids could perform well as patient stimulators. On the results, it is impressive and has a beneficial fact to know that humanoid robots achieve mastery level for the robots as patient stimulators. On the discussion, it has been proved that there are advantages that robots are stimulators improve learning potential of health care workers.
Concise summary of the Research Problem
The presentation of the research is indeed comprehensive that can act as an efficient source of information regarding humanoid robots as patient stimulators. The author presented the discussion well by detailing the research problem, methodology, results, discussion, and the conclusive findings of the article. The research defined and explained the significance of humanoid robots useful as patient simulators to assess and train caregivers. The experimental research is efficient on examining the difference of the trained care providers’ response between humanoid robot and research assistant taking the role of a patient. In addition, the research highlighted its main purpose or the goal, which is to analyze the caregiver’s behavior of whether humanoid robots are more effective as patient simulators compared to human actors.
Evaluation of the Literature Review
1. As for the problem’s case: The researchers addressed the problem by detailing numerous sources There are several ways that the use of humanoid robots comes in as very beneficial. Both the thesis statement and the methodology of the research are highly relevant to the literature review for examining the main subject of the data to achieve a reliable result. This includes studied the efficacy of simulators in the training of anesthesiology residents. The results were favorable that is very relevant to the literature of the article.
2. Recency of citation: The researchers did not utilized recent journals, reliable books, and other online resources from the past 5 years. This means that the credibility of the research is not that reliable due to some old citations or resources that were used. In this case, the related literature may already have lapses with its presentation due to the reliability of the resources, which have already been clarified by recent researchers with similar subject matter. However, all citations presented in the research indicate relevance of all data presented in the data that are discussed in a comprehensive manner, which can be recommended to other research with similar subject matter of their respective studies.
4. Thoroughness of the review: The author made an excellent research presentation by indicating multiple disciplines while presenting the data. This includes experimentation of the main subject of the study to reveal the significance to the experiment to health care practice. It has been learned that the author successfully discussed the literature review properly by detailing the benefits as well as the challenges that were undertaken by the authors ...
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