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Critical Assessment (Section III). Psychometric Characteristics. Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Just like the first two sections completed on PHQ-9, now I need the third section of this review to be completed. It is (2-4 pages, double spaced) and should be titled Psychometric Characteristics (10%) and Critique (10%). In this section, you will report typical reliability coefficients, both test-retest and internal consistency. You will also provide your evaluation of the evidence for validity (including convergent, divergent, and criterion-related validity), using one of these terms: nonexistent, poor, fair, goood. After giving a descriptive term (e.g.: Validity: fair) you should provide a brief narrative discussion of the specific evidences for your evaluation. In this section, list three to five books, chapters, or journal articles that provide background for the test. In addition, you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this instrument, as well as your overall assessment. Please be sure to include information regarding potential caveats and misuses of the instrument.


Psychometric Characteristics
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Psychometric Characteristics
Patient Health Questionnaire is an assessment tool that is mainly used in detecting anxiety and depression. Regarding the importance of the PHQ to clinicians, its accuracy, validity, and reliability is a significant factor to consider. The above mentioned are vital to any medical diagnosis.
From the studies carried out, it is crystal that the PHQ is more accurate in screening and detecting depression in patients as compared to detecting anxiety disorders. The PHQ, which is a short questionnaire, has been reported to have excellent reliability and validity for detecting and identifying significant depressive symptoms as well as measuring the seriousness of the depressive symptoms. The PHQ test has been used in clinics that provide primary health care services. 

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