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Describe Corporate Social Responsibility of Starbucks (Essay Sample)


As psychologists, it seems intuitive that we promote the well-being of individuals, communities, and organizations. For many psychologists, it is also an ethical obligation to be socially responsive. What about organizations? How responsive to society are they and do they feel it benefits them to conduct business in an ethically sound, sustainable manner?
Your Final Paper in this course involves evaluating an organization’s social sustainability or responsibility initiative and its impact on social change. Specifically, you will address the following:
1) the influence of corporate social responsibility on ethical decision making and behavior;
2) the manner in which organizations promote ethical behavior through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives; and 3) the intersection of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and social change.
Assignment: 8–10 pages
•Describe the organization, its mission, size, location, ranking, profits, etc.
•Provide a summary of when the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was started and its role in the organization.
•Explain the positive social change impact and the CSR initiative’s impact on the organization (i.e. on employees, leadership, profit).
•Provide ethical considerations you think were (are) associated with the CSR initiative and if you were consulting with this organization, how you would address the ethical considerations you identified.


Corporate Social Responsibility of Starbucks
Course Title:
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0 Starbucks: Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc473442625 \h 32.0 CSR Initiative at Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc473442626 \h 32.1 The Launch of CSR at Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc473442627 \h 42.2 The Role of CSR Initiative in Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc473442628 \h 43.0 Positive Social Change Impact and the CSR Initiative’s Impact on the Organization PAGEREF _Toc473442629 \h 53.1 Impact on Employees PAGEREF _Toc473442630 \h 53.2 Impact on Leadership PAGEREF _Toc473442631 \h 63.3 Impact on Profits PAGEREF _Toc473442632 \h 74.0 Ethical Considerations Associated with CSR Initiative PAGEREF _Toc473442633 \h 84.1 How to Address the Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc473442634 \h 115.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc473442635 \h 126.0 References: PAGEREF _Toc473442636 \h 13
Corporate Social Responsibility of Starbucks
1.0 Starbucks: Company Overview
Starbucks is a global coffee enterprise comprising of over 20,000 stores in 60 different nations worldwide (, 2017). The company was founded in 1971, and it is located in Seattle, Washington with several outlets worldwide with the core function of roasting and manufacturing coffee products. The firm has employed over 182,000 employees in its premises to produce and sell High-quality premium products at the groceries, national foodservice centers, and its licensed stores (, 2017). The mission statement of the organization is to provide coffee with the highest quality in a harmonious working environment and enhance the sustainability of its consumers worldwide. Starbucks Corporation is the leading firm in the coffee industry, and both the firm and Dunkin Brands comprise of 60% of the whole industry. The company has experienced growth in its profits despite the wild nature of the sector as it boosts profits of $4.2 billion in the year ended 2016 (, 2017).
2.0 CSR Initiative at Starbucks
The organization has strived to stimulate the relationship with the customers and stakeholders by practicing social responsibility in as a core value to its mission. Corporate social responsibility must accompany every operation of the firm, and the employees are encouraged to promote the initiative at any point in and out of the enterprise. The management often makes decisions that relate to the operation while considering ethical issues likely to arise in the implementation phase. Any product that may face public scrutiny and ethical concerns is always brought back to the production process for changes to avoid backlash in the global market (Day, 2014).
2.1 The Launch of CSR at Starbucks
Starbucks Company started its corporate social responsibility in the year 2006, and a report made public in the fiscal year 2007 (Fontaine, 2013). Since then, the firm has conducted its business in an ethical and responsible manner lately guided by the corporate social responsibility to its customers, stakeholders, employees, and the neighborhood. Trust among the major players of the enterprise has been built over the period aided by consistency in implementation of CSR and a positive response has been observed in productivity levels. The developments in the immediate environment of its operations have improved the firm’s ranking in the global market since the public have substantially associated with the brand and purchase the products of the company. This promotes the global trade as the firm receives various investors and well-wishers who are willing to invest or assist the business due to its participation in corporate social responsibility function. The management needs to determine the extent to which the firm is affected by the initiative and identify the possible profits to be encountered (Barnett, 2016).
2.2 The Role...
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