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Consciousness and How It Plays a Role in Our Actions (Essay Sample)


Read over the following articles and describe how consciousness and affect play a role in our actions.


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There are growing bodies of philosophers and scientists who concedethat consciousness is a distinct mental stature and settle that the idea of free will is merely amisconception, a hoax primarily initiated by our brains. In other terms, thisis perceived as a view that has existed for several decades. However, during this era, this view has intensified given that several thoughts allude to the fact that this is a misinterpretation of research. The primacy of this review remains in distinctively drawing an understanding from the literatures provided as to how consciousness plays a role in influencing our actions.
Consciousness and How It Plays a Role in Our Actions
According to Klemn, the definition of consciousness tends to be problematic given that there are two to think about this aspect. Firstly, the idea of consciousness is perceived as a state of awareness of an object, state of affairs, or property. On the second hand, the author alleges that consciousness is state where an individual a stateof awareness and specific attitude towards a situation, item, or property. All in all, Kelmn's view revolves around consciousness being a state that raises awareness over something, primarily believed to be aneurophysiological avatar that is generated as a neutralized representation of self (Klemm, 2010). Such avatars could be instigated by self-awareness as an active agent of an embodied brain.
Acceding to the Zombian argument, consciousness is believed to only have the capacity to produce cognizanceover an intention since it basically lacks the capability of doing anything. On the other hand, Zombians admit that awareness can bar particular subconscious actions and decisions, an approach and role that informs the actions of an individual. Zombians therefore support claims that the existence of addictions and compulsions are mere examples that prove why the conscious awareness may fail to control the brain and actions of an individual(Klemm, 2010). In other wo

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