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Compulsory Essay Assignment on Psychology Tests (Essay Sample)


This essay is for a human evolution and psychology course. The course in general covered Evolutionary Theory, Evolution & Behavior, Mating, Parenting, and Sociality. I have attached the textbook in the attachment. Please use them accordingly.
Here are the Instructions
Click on at least one of the links provided and participate in at least one of the studies listed. Then write a 2,000 word essay (excluding cover page and any other supplementary material) describing the study or studies in which you have participated and relating them to the material covered in class and in the book. This will be easier for some of the studies listed on the site than for others, so choose your study or studies carefully. Points will be taken off for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage. All pages should be numbered, and your name should appear as a running head on all pages. All essays should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Be sure to clearly indicate the studies in which you participated, including their URLs (i.e., their web addresses). You do not need to provide bibliographic information for the Buss textbook, but if you cite any other literature then you should attach a complete list of references cited.


Compulsory Essay Assignment on Psychology Tests
Compulsory Essay Assignment on Psychology Tests
For over a long time human behavior has shown great development. People have different styles of approaching issues in their social lives as guided by their values and beliefs. Two areas where various approaches are used are in relationships and parenting styles. On relationships, the first study chosen was on long-term relationships as discussed by John Grey and the second was on fear of relationship commitment. The first study generally focuses on the necessary factors that lead to people having great relationships that last longer. It also addresses the beliefs and personal behaviors that could be standing in the way of having a long lasting and happy relationship. According to Grey, most of the relationships in modern time revolve around much unhappiness and the chances of couples staying together for a long time are much reduced. This unhappiness and apparent dissatisfaction are reflected through the increased divorce rates even for couples that started out with so much love between them. The study rightly notes that the relationship has to feel great for both the partners and goes ahead to identify key factors that can guarantee love lasts for a long time. One way to ensure a long-lasting relationship is by considering how differences and relationship challenges are handled. In this regard, there is a need to recognize that the journey of love is not always rosy since bumps are inevitable. Healthy couples acknowledge this fact and strive to address any hiccups along the way together instead of leaving this responsibility to one person. The results from the study indicated that happy couples always have to deal with the same issues just like those in unhappy relationships. The major difference is in how they choose to solve their issues. Some of these issues include a breakdown in communication and having different interests or opinions on their various wants and needs. The best way to ensure a lasting relationship according to Grey is by adopting the right communication strategies. By this, it means being ready to listen to the other person and carefully considering their opinions without being judgmental or making quick conclusions about the situation. Closely related to the longevity of relationships is the issue of fear of commitment. According to the study on fear of relationship commitment, both partners have to show great dedication towards making the relationship work and grow. A relationship that has committed individuals usually leaves those involved feeling satisfied and fulfilled. From the results of the study, it becomes easier to commit to a relationship if the feeling is mutual between the individuals involved and if each party is happy to pursue the relationship. However, it is necessary for one to hold off if there is the possibility that the other party is not concerned about taking the relationship to other levels. Any relationship is bound to end if one person feels pressured to make commitments when they are not ready to.
In relation to the issues of long-term relationships and commitment, Buss (2014) approaches this from the perspective of mating strategies. According to this article, both men and women have their own mate preferences that determine whether they will invest in the other person for a long time leading to marriage or not. In agreement with Grey's ideas, Buss notes that the longevity of a relationship depends on how compatible the partners are and how this helps them work together for a long-lasting love. If a woman has the characteristic features that are attractive to the man then there is a great chance that the two will link up for a long-term relationship with full commitment from both. The case is the same for wom...

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