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Annotated Bibliography #2- Changing Criterion Design (Essay Sample)


Behavior Analysis : double spacing
Annotated Bibliography #2- Changing Criterion Design
Behavior Research Methods
Points: 20 possible points
General Assignment Instructions
• Read the instructions and then complete the assigned Annotated Bibliography Module, which will guide you through each step of the assignment.
• First, find a peer reviewed article using a changing criterion single case design.
• The article must involve the implementation of an intervention with data graphically depicted. Review articles discussing the design or articles describing an assessment (e.g., FBA) would NOT be appropriate for this assignment (both examples are posted on BB). Note that the article must be different from the ones that are covered in the course (i.e., the article cannot be covered in the text or the lecture notes). You are not allowed to use articles that are cited in the class textbook; however, you may use articles discussed in previous courses.
• Save the article as a PDF, you will be submitting this (hyperlinks will not be accepted).
• Create an annotated bibliography entry and please reference more detailed instructions for annotated bibliography entries below and within the annotated bibliography learning module.
• Submit the article (saved as a PDF) and the final annotated bibliography to Blackboard assignment submission.
Finding Peer Reviewed Journals
1. Review the video or attend the presentation by the course librarian regarding the best ways of finding peer reviewed journals.
2. You are required to select an article from the list of approved behavioral journals listed below. Make sure that the article also meets the assignment requirements. These journals will likely have multiple SCD articles per issue:
• Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
• Behavior Analysis in Practice
• Journal of Behavioral Education
• Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
• Behavior Modification
• Behavioral Interventions
• Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
• Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice
• The Behavior Analyst
• The Analysis of Verbal Behavior
• Psychology in the Schools
• School Psychology Review
• School Psychology Quarterly
• School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice
• Intervention in the School and Clinic
3. Please contact our course librarian if you have any questions about how to find an article.
Creating an Annotated Bibliography
• The article chosen must describe an intervention (review or assessment articles are not acceptable) and must have data graphically depicted with multiple data points per phase.
• All citations must be in APA (6th edition) formatting.
o http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/section/2/10/
• Following each citation is a short paragraph called an annotation.
• As you write your annotated paragraph include both a summary of the source AND an evaluation of the validity of the source and its usefulness. Paragraphs should be in full sentences 100-200 words long. Length of the entry is often linked with the length of the source but should not exceed 200 words total for the annotation—points will be taken off for exceeding the word limit.
o Summarize the content of the source (1-2 sentences)
o Include the type of single case design (1 sentence)
o Describe intervention outcomes in terms of level, trend, and variability—keep this brief (2-3 sentences)
o Describe how the study does or does not provide convincing experimental control by the independent variable using the concepts of prediction, verification, and replication (2-3 sentences)
• The format should list the citation in appropriate APA 6th edition style, then the appropriate paragraph annotation. All entries should be typed in 12-point font in a Word document.


Annotated Bibliography
Author Name
University Name
Carroll, R. A., & Peter, C. C. (2014). Methods for Assessing Social Validity of Behavioral Intervention Plans for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder11We would like to thank Jennie Cox and Kara Samaj for their assistance with various aspects of data collection. Acta De Investigación Psicológica, 4(3), 1642-1656. doi:10.1016/s2007-4719(14)70971-8
Summary of the Source
In their article titled Methods for Assessing Social Validity of Behavioral Intervention Plans for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Regina A. Carroll and Claire C. St. Peter argue that proper behavior intervention plans help prevent different behavior p

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