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For this assignment, you need to investigate a career path. (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you need to investigate a career path. Please pick a psychology or psychiatry-related career path (ex: sex therapist, forensic psychologist, human resource manager, guidance counselor). Your paper should be 4 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. This works out to ~1000 words. You must have three or more sources for your paper. Please DO NOT include your name or my name or the class name on your paper. Instead, begin your paper with your title centered, in title case.
Your paper should cover ALL of the sections below. If you cover all of these sections, you will easily hit your 4 page requirement.
Section 1: The Career
Introduce your chosen career. Why did you choose this career? Explain.
Section 2: Job description/Duties
What tasks and duties do people in your career do? In your opinion, which one or two are the most important? Explain.
What qualifications (knowledge, skills, and abilities) do people need to be successful in your opinion? Which one or two are the most important? Explain.
What does a typical day look like for a person in your chosen career? What are the hours? What is the work environment like?
Section 3: Required Education and Income Potential
What specific degree/education/licensure/certifications/training do people need to get a job in your chosen career? Does it have to be a psychology degree? Is a bachelor’s degree enough? A master’s degree? Explain.
What is the average salary?
Section 4: Future of Career
What is the growth potential of your chosen career?
Where is your chosen career headed in the future? Are there any potential changes that you forsee (e.g., technology, new areas of expansion)
Section 5: Conclusions and Final Thoughts
What did you learn about the career that surprised you most? (Please do not answer that you weren’t surprised by anything – if you didn’t find something surprising, you didn’t look hard enough). Why did you find this surprising?
Summarize and conclude your paper
Section 6: Bibliography/Works Cited


Career Paper
The Career
The business environment can be a frustrating place for managers and employees. Regardless, the working environment must be conducive for high productivity to be achieved. This necessitates the hiring of an industrial/organizational psychologist. This branch of psychology handles issues related to organizations, the work environment, and staff. The industrial part of industrial/organizational psychology became prominent during World War I when psychology theories were used to assign soldiers tasks that suited them. The organizational side became prominent in the 1920s after the analysis of the Hawthorne’s studies in Illinois.
Industrial/organizational psychology has always been likened to yin and yang because industries cannot exist without business organizations. Nevertheless, a career in industrial/organization psychology is appealing because it offers an opportunity for personal growth and understanding the actions, mind, and emotions of people. In a business environment, it is even more appealing because it is not just about helping people to overcome phobia and depression, but rather, using scientific methods and the human mind to address business problems.

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