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What Are The Key Differences Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research? (Essay Sample)


I have added the article for Mexican American adolescent women please de detailed and answer the 3 questions I need in text citation a cover page and a reference page. I need three scholally references the article is one the book chapters 9-12 is the second. ex


Career Development of Mexican Adolescent Women
Institution Affiliation
What are the key differences between qualitative and quantitative research?
According to the article, qualitative research refers to research that seeks to explore the topic at hand. Qualitative research was utilized to provide a descriptive outlook by answering the question, why the Mexican American women were uneducated as compared to their male counterparts and its cause (Sheperis, Young & Daniels, 2017, pp. 192). Research by Arbona and Novy in 1991, reviewed the literature to summarize the different factors that contributed to the underrepresentation of the women in education. They included stressors, cultural and family morals, lack of female role models, attitude, and mother’s education level (Flores & O’Brien, 2002, Jan, pp.4).
In contrast, quantitative research works by defining the problem inform of data in the research. The article’s research collected data by utilizing a method targeting high respondents of 30,000 female high school students (Flores & O’Brien, 2002, Jan, pp.6). The surveys data collection tool included structured questions whose answers were measured numerically and statistically. For instance, feminist attitude considered as a major contributor to uneducated females here was determined using point scale answers ranging from one to five to come up with definite statistics.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research designs?
Qualitative research design is an essential aspect of the research. First, it has provided descriptive characteristics that hindered Mexican-American women from advancing in education such as feminist attitude, mother’s career and educational level and cultural expectat...
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