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Writing Assignment #4. Article response. Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


Writing Assignment #4
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Read the following NY Times article and answer the question below. Your paper should not exceed 3 pages (12 point font, double spaced). You should use APA format for in-text references. ( smid=nytcore-ios-share) The above article describes the growing anti-vaccination movement in the U.S. Using what we have learned so far in this course, explain how a social psychologist who believes in science and the necessity of vaccinations would explain the cause of the anti-vaccinators seemingly irrational attitudes. Your assignment is NOT to describe the arguments that those in the anti-vaccination movement give, but rather to provide a social-psychological perspective. Hint: Below are some ideas that came to my mind as I read the article. - The need to belong - The psychology of regret - confirmation bias You can either choose to explain how the above theories apply to the anti-vaccination movement or you can choose your own that you think are relevant.  Pick at least three theories. Feel free to work in groups as you develop your thinking. 


Article Response: Anti-Vaccination Psychology
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Article Response: Anti-Vaccination Psychology
The “New York Times” article on anti-vaccine thoughts in the United States by Jan Hoffman begins with the experience of one Dr. Comen, a well-established oncologist (Hoffman, 2019). The article begins by stating that as a trained doctor, she had never imagined that anyone would doubt the significance of vaccination. Emerging reports indicate that the rate of vaccination seems to have gone down as a result of the upcoming anti-vaccination movements (Kata, 2010). This is a clear sign that the attitude towards vaccination is changing as more and more parents are steering away from vaccination practice as has been the norm for most people.
The psychology of regret theory suggests that individuals may have been regretting getting someone vaccinated only for them to develop an illness in the future as a result of circumstances which may have to do with the immunization (Zeelenberg, van Dijk, Manstead & der Pligt, 2000). 

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