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Relationship between Mental Illness and Family History (Essay Sample)


The paper includes a minimum of 6 sources, at least 3 scholarly, 2 public, and 1 primary source. *The topic hasn't been decided yet. 
1. Need to come up with a topic based on the sources.
2. Follow the outline below
3. The 1 primary source is a survey I’m still working on, so you don’t need to include that. *3 scholarly sources I have attached below (please do not change it)
4. Only need to find 2 more public sources.
5. One little request: Once you decided, could you send me the public sources or others you found and are going to use in the paper? I have other works that need to be done with those sources.
Thesis: This paper will be focusing on the relationship between mental illness and the family-of-origin from different aspects and results that conducts from mood disorder and trauma to personality disorder. (or you can provide a better thesis)
Paragraph 1 Intro 
Paragraphs 2-3 Context on the Conversation
Paragraphs 4-5 Article 1 Summary Analysis 
Paragraphs 6-7 Article 2 Summary Analysis 
Paragraphs 8-9 Article 3 Summary Analysis 
Paragraphs 10-11 Popular and Primary sources
Paragraph 12 Conclusion and Synthesis
Let me know if you need other guidance. Thank you! :)


Relationship between Mental Illness and Family History
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Relationship between Mental Illness and Family History
This paper will explore the link between family backgrounds and mental disorders, with a specific focus on depressive and mood disorders. The relationship between familial history and various psychiatric conditions is a critical point of scientific research. It raises concerns regarding the root cause of mental disorders that continue to affect millions of people worldwide. Parental risk factors, family environment, and familial engagement are core concepts and elements that are used to guide the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders.
Family mental history and parental depression, especially maternal depression and parental bonding, could determine the propensity for developing depressive symptoms later in life among children. Diverse mood problems such as bipolar disorders do not have a precise cause, but variations in various genetic materials and interaction with environmental variables would likely intricately interact to increase a person’s risks of developing bipolar disorder. Some environmental factors also play a role in triggering their symptoms. The risk factors for developing depression can entail biological and environmental factors. Having a family member experiencing major depression may likely impact the family environment where the risk of others being affected by almost similar symptoms increases. 

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