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8-3 Psychology Assignment Paper: Reflection Submission (Essay Sample)


Throughout this course, you have learned about the ways psychology impacts your everyday life. For this assignment, you will write a two- to four-paragraph reflection regarding what you have learned about the field of psychology and how you will use this information in future courses as well as your life. You will compose your reflection in a Word document and submit it directly in Blackboard. For additional details, please refer to the Reflection Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.


Reflection Submission
Reflection Submission
The introduction to the Psychology course has been very helpful for me as an individual. When I entered into the class, all that I knew was that the course would have an effect on the career path that I chose later on in life. One way that being in the psychology course helped me was in the area of relating with people. The course helped me to better understand how to deal with the people around me and as such I can say that my relationships increased a great deal as a result of this course (Newell, 2010).
The other positive thing about being in the class was that it helped me to understand the behavior of different people and ways that I can handle them. The class also helped me to...
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