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20FPSYC471XB1 Psychology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Discussion Board 1 - Chapters 1-4
(1) As you read about the history of drugs in this country, you will note that attitudes about use changed as time passed and that attitudes and biases changed over the decades. Take some time to do a short life review and describe time periods in your life that impacted your attitudes about the use of illicit drugs. What was happening in your personal life that impacted how you felt?
(2) Have you ever tried to stop consuming a substance (alcohol, other drugs, caffeine, sweets, etc)? What was your experience? Have you watched others try to stop? What sorts of thoughts and feelings did you notice in each case? What thoughts or feelings got in the way of your success reducing or abstaining from use, or made it difficult to support others in their efforts? What helped?
(3) What biases do find in yourself about process addictions? Are there some behaviors that you more readily accept or reject as being problematic or addictive?
(4) Read the section in this chapter about counselors in recovery and journal about your feelings connected with whether you think counselors who have never been addicted or counselors in recovery from an addictive past make the best addictions counselors.
Foundations of Addictions 4th ed 2019
Capuzzi ISBN: 9780135166932


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When I joined college, life seemed different. I got the opportunity to try new things. I had more freedom with minimal parental supervision, I started to attend drinking parties. During a particular weekend, I participated in a friend's party and was persuaded to drink alcohol and smoke. It was a tense moment. Since I had not tried it before, I was curious to know how it tastes and feels. I picked the habit, which continued for about three years until two friends died from drunk driving. During the period, I wasted time and failed in several classes. I also started to engage in gambling activities. My health deteriorated, and I had to change and pursue my career goals.
On several occasions, I tried avoiding my friends and

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