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How Scientists Learn about Past Global Temperatures and Climates (Essay Sample)


This is a revision of the attached paper. Attached paper is missing:
The greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse gases and their role in current climate change.
You must only add a few paragraphs about the greenhous effect
Write a 525- to 700-word response including:
How scientists learn about past global temperatures and climates.
The greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse gases and their role in current climate change.
One piece of data scientists offer to show that the climate is changing globally (see this NASA website: http://climate(dot)nasa(dot)gov/evidence/ ).
Expected impacts of climate change in your area (this EPA website is very helpful:


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Climate Change Response
How Scientists Learn about Past Global Temperatures and Climates
The unpredicted changes in climate are known for their impact on the ecosystems and the society in some ways. An instance of these changes can be depicted in the manner in which climatic changes may cause an increase or decrease in rainfall, affect the health of human beings, impact crop yields, change the supply of energy, and also cause changes in ecosystems and forests (Blennow, Given this, it is important to ascertain that scientists have the capacity of learning about climatic changes and how these changes impact the environment by studying past climates. An analysis of the changes that occur in the temperatures of the earth, therefore, aids in gaining a better understanding of the aspect of global warming, an issue that would help in determining the possible causes of these changes.
On the other hand, it is important to note that scientists have devised new approaches directed towards studying the climate of the earth, thus conducting studies that trickle down into thousands of years to determine the changes in climate. One of the primary approaches that scientists use in unlocking the changes in climate includes the study of the rings in different types of trees that include giant sequoias, redwoods, and other variety of pines found in California (Blennow, As trees grow, they are bound to add layers of wood to their trunks each and every year, an aspect that sees the formation of rings that determines the ages of the trees that are counted. By studying the rings, scientists can determine the type of climate conditions that are in existence during the tree's life by analyzing the thickness of the rings.
Another approach expert's use in analyzing hist...
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