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Strategies on Nuclear Power use in China (Essay Sample)

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Nuclear power in China today
This research paper discusses the impact that nuclear power skill has brought to the Chinese economy. Critically looking at the history of nuclear power since it first got in to the Chinese country. The development stages, it looks at the measures that the policies that the government has put in place to ensure a complete adoption of nuclear power. Safety being one of the main concerns in nuclear power is also explained. In my discussion I, also look at several challenges that are still facing nuclear power production as well as the skeptic`s that surrounds` the whole technology. Explaining, the popular fears, costs of nuclear power and the future role that nuclear power technology will tend to play in the Chinese economy. Politics on how fossil fuels are polluting the environment and the preference for hydro in the production of nuclear power is also discussed. Therefore this paper takes you through the history behind China`s nuclear power development and up to where we are today.
China is considered to be the second largest world`s economy from the United States of America. With this in mind; therefore, there is more production of goods to meet the large markets demands. This has resulted to increased power usage, putting pressure on the existing means of power production. In China, electrical energy is mainly produced from fossil fuel and use of water turbines. But due to the with the enlarged growth in demand there has been power shortages, also the greater dependence on fossil fuels has lead to greenhouse gasses. The World Bank puts the loss caused by air pollution to be about 6% of the GDP. In the past one year (i.e. 2009), power shortages where greatly reported in the central provinces, Hubei in particular, and at central china grid company in December.
Coal is the main source of power in china, it is mainly found in the northwestern side of the republic. Due to its bulkiness, it has over the year`s caused a major transportation problem. Since it is transported through the rail, coal takes almost half of the rails transport. Generation of electricity in china is produced by coal powered plants. This has made electricity production to be one of the activities contributing to air pollution, thus the reason as to why nuclear power should be increased to a greater share. Recent survey show that, China emits greener house related gasses like carbon dioxide than the United States. All this translates to the important role that nuclear power has to play. Nuclear power is most needed along the Chinese coast where most of the coal mines are situated and where there is tremendous development of the economy. Construction of the nuclear power plants has also been based in areas where electricity demand is high. That is in areas where hydro and wind p...
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