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Geography project: Spheres Chapter (Essay Sample)

i will attach you thr requirements for the project. will attach all the requirements needed for this project .. thw writer should ope n the word file that i attached there is a 15 picture in this project .. each one of them is on a different page .. half of the project is done .. i just need you to writ e for me the analysis about the picture using a geography words and use (what,where,w hy,so what) check the book (page 368) the analysis should be about half page.. plea se do ur best.. its a very important project .. The book is called (MCKNIGHT'S PHYS ICAL GEOGRAPHY ..Second California Edition) source..
Topic: SpheresChapter: 1Page: 7Date: Nov 16, 2010location: Woodbridge lake.Description: Biosphere, Atmosphere, Lithosphere and Hydrosphere:Analysis:
The earth surface is divided into four parts, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere respectively. They relie on each other for their functioning.
The lithosphere consists of the rocky surfaces on earth and the minerals present in them. It is rigid and 50-100km thick. It is made of individual segments called plates that are of variable sizes. These plates exhibit movement either towards each other, away from each other or slide past each other.
The hydrosphere consists of all the water bodies on or near the earth surface and occupies 70% of the earth`s surface. It may be saline water in the oceans or the fresh water bodies like rivers, streams, lakes etc.
The biosphere is the portion of the earth that supports life. It is a combination of different ecosystems. It consists of different regions separated by latitudes and containing similar types of plants and animals. It extends from the equatorial region to the poles and life is more concentrated in the equator.
The atmosphere is the air blanket covering the earth. Most of it is situated near the earth surface. It includes a variety of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases. The most common gas is nitrogen forming about 80 % of the atmospheric gases followed by oxygen and the rest are in trace amounts. Analysis:
Topic: Wind power.Chapter: 5Page: 104Date: Nov 16, 2010location: Woodbury, IrvineDescription: Wind power is the energy generated from wind by use of turbines.This energy can be also used to operate mills and pump water.The wind energy is clean and does not cause environmental pollution. It is an alternative to fossil fuels as source of energy.It is readilly available and evenly distributed. The wind speed is the main determinant of the amount of energy generated. This varies in different locations. After the generation of energy from wind through turbines, it is then converted into electric power.
The wind power generation has certain disadvantages. It is only available when the wind speed is high. In low altitudes the the generated capacity is lower than in high altitudes. Not all the wind that blows is converted into power,only part of it.The energy generated has to be converted into electricity and this requires high technological equipments.
Topic: Reflection.Chapter: 4Page: 73Date: 16 Nov, 2010location: Woodbridge lakeDescription: Water reflecting the sun light
Reflection refers to sending back the sunrays to their source. The amount of the sun rays reflected back depends on the cloud cover and particles...
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