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Descriptive Essay Outline (Essay Sample)


I need an outline of a descriptive essay written for test- I would like it to be about nature of some sort.

Descriptive Essay Outline
* Introduction
The introduction will include the introductory lead sentence and thesis statement. The introduction will introduce all of the main points in the essay. My introduction will describe the topic of my paper which will be a visit to the interior part of Alaska – Tok. This part will help my essay to stay focused on the main point.
2. Body: Identifying the main categories
The main points that I will cover in this section will include describing the fishing experience with my grandfather. The beautiful Tanana River where the visit and fishing took place will be discussed in this section. The rest of paper will be spent describing the experience of visiting interior part of Alaska namely Tok and going fishing with my grandfather. The first category will be created by providing explanation of various occurrence from the visit. This would enable me to develop the particular topic in discussion by giving the general background on a particular issue then creating points that describe that issue in details. Example is where I will describe the water of the beautiful Tanana River and the map to the river. Characteristics of the rivers and its surrounding will be described such as the birds, bamboo, pines, and varied kinds of plants found along the river.
4. Conclusion
This is a...
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