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Paper overview - will use to complete project (Essay Sample)

Identify a topic of interest for your project, and write a one-page statement, in Word, about your reasons for selecting the topic. As you write your statement, keep in mind that surveys are usually done to answer some sort of question. This topic could be something based on your professional activities or your personal interests. In other words, you get to make the subject of the statistical study something to which you can relate. As you write your topic introduction, be sure to include the following: What are you trying to learn from your survey? What types of information (variables) might be included in your data gathering? What is the population that you are interested in studying? source..
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Economics is comprised of complex situations in a large scenario that requires use of logic to solve. Mathematics thus offers the right confidence and techniques to which these complex problems can be solved. Having accomplished my Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and economics and secured a job in a consultancy firm I have come to realize that mathematics is the most poorly performed subject in schools yet it continues to play a very major role in business studies which many students underta...
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