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Response paper. Approaches to Migration. Political Economy of Migration. (Essay Sample)


This week, you are required to write a response paper (including readings from the previous two weeks). Structure your response paper in two parts.
Part I:
Using your readings on political economy, summarize in 500 words what you understand about the political economy of migration. Use the examples provided in the readings to support your explanations.
Part II:
Next, think about the 'Right to the City' approach. Do you think this approach conflicts with the political economy approach to migration? In other words, should immigrants only be welcome if they add some value to a city? Why or why not? Explain your position in 500 words. Support your arguments with examples from either assigned or other readings that you find online.


Approaches to Migration
Student’s Name
Approaches o Migration
Political Economy of Migration
Human beings are curious species and as a result, they are prone to movement from place to place with the aim of exploring new things, experience life beyond their origin, and even improve their lives with new opportunities. This movement from place to place by either individual or groups, be it within or without the country, is known as migration. Most countries in the world, if not all often have an immigration department or something of the sort that is concerned with the movement of people from one country to the other. This indicates that the whole world acknowledges the inevitability of migration. Various factors influence human migration such as economy, demography or environmental factors. However, human migration comes with consequences, depending on the causative factors. This paper aims to provide an in-depth understanding of economic aspects associated with migration and expound on the idea of right to the city in relation to migration.

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