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Probability and Health Statistics (Essay Sample)


For the fourth component of the Session Long Project, write a 2- to 3-page essay in which you:
1.Develop a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis based on the data you have collected.
2.Discuss why you have chosen the hypotheses you developed above. Be sure to discuss the concept of null hypothesis in your response.
Required Reading 
Michelson, S. & Schofield, T. (2002). Chapter 2: Inference (pages 45-53). In: The Biostatistics Cookbook: The Most User-Friendly Guide for the Bio/Medical Scientist. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Available in Ebrary, accessed via Trident’s online library.
Additional Reading (Optional)
Davis, R. and Mukamal, K. (2006). Statistical Primer for Cardiovascular Research: Hypothesis testing. Retrieved from http://circ(dot)ahajournals(dot)org/content/114/10/1078.full
McDonald, JH (2009). Basic concepts of hypothesis testing. Retrieved from http://udel(dot)edu/~mcdonald/stathyptesting.html
Johnson, L. (2008). Principles of Hypothesis Testing for Public Health. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Retrieved from www(dot)nihtraining(dot)com/cc/ippcr/current/downloads/HypoTest.pdf
Additional Resources (Optional)
Creative Heuristics (2011, Dec.). Hypothesis tests, p-value - Statistics Help. Retrieved from http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=0zZYBALbZgg
Creative Heuristics (2011, Oct. ) Understanding the p-value - Statistics Help. Retrieved from http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=eyknGvncKLw


Probability and Health Statistics
Dawn Gallegos
BHS 220
Dr. Ogbochi McKinney
29 May, 2015
Null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis
Null hypothesis: H0: Physical exercises do no result to weight loss and physical fitness
Alternative hypothesis: H1: Physical exercises are associated with weight loss and improved physical fitness.
The duration, as well as the frequency of the exercises, might not lead to huge changes, while time constraints and external factors might limit the ability to assess the effectiveness of the physical exercises. Since there is energy expenditure during physical exercises, there is likelihood that I would lose weight over time, especially when the dietary intake is also healthy. Decreased physical activities might increase the risk of being overweight and physically unfit. Equally, physical exercises boost metabolism, while energy loss is then a pathway to weight loss. In any case, the level of physical activity is a more variable component to the total energy expenditure (TEE), compared to the basal metabolism basal (BMR) and energy required for food digestion and absorption.
Choice of the hypotheses
A hypothesis test evaluates the prediction about the probability of propositions about a population occurring while focusing on strength of evidence in statistical inference (Davis & Mukamal, 2006). The null hypothesis is the initial claim that there is no observed effect/ change or relationship between two or more variables. On the contrary, the alternative hypothesis supposes that a population parameter differs from a specified value. The hypothesis test further shows whether to accept and reject the null hypothesis. If the null hypothesis is accepted, the alternative hypothesis is rejected, while the null hypothesis is rejected, the alternative hypothesis is not r...
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