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Poor Economics - Summary. Poor Economics by Abhijit V. Banerjee And Esther Duflo (Essay Sample)


Guidelines to writing the summary:
In general terms, the summary must include the main ideas exposed in the paper and some comments on the results. Students should discuss in details the following topics:
1) What is the causal question the paper addresses;
2) Relevance of the question for the development field and implications for policy;
3) Identification strategy used to account for possible econometric problems;
4) Main results;
5) Critical analysis of the paper, including points that the paper fails to address and some extensions that you would like to see.


Poor Economics:
Poor Economics - Summary
Poor Economics by Abhijit V. Banerjee And Esther Duflo examines the ultimate reason for poverty. It further seeks to establish to what extent we believe in free markets and whether democracy is healthy for the poor countries or communities. And finally, it examines the role of foreign aid in the context of poverty. To economists like Jeffrey Sachs, “poverty is a trap.” In their contextual examination, poor nations are poor because of their disadvantage in terms of physical location and geographical factors. Poor climates and endemic problems make it difficult for these nations to produce – and as such are and will remain poor.
This book explores the particular problems that tag along with poverty as well as trying to find working and sustainable solutions to these problems.

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