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Disucssion: Outsourcing (Essay Sample)


Please read each discussion and reply to them, maybe a paragraph or two a piece. Tell what you agree with/maybe disagree, like/dislike. Please be polite. Please keep them separate. Make sure you understand the microeconomics involved.



Outsourcing has helped in securing many foreigners in jobs. But it has not helped the security for the Americans when it comes to their jobs. Many are so fearful of losing their jobs to foreign competition and outsourcing.  IPhone by Apple is a demand product, which causes an increase in the prices for such wanted goods. When a producers don’t want to pay more it’s easier for them to take it overseas where they can maximize their profits, and save money. Apple outsourcing do not affect my decision personally in buying their product because I haven’t been that big of a fan to have their latest or newest product as others. But I’m sure for those who have lost their jobs to outsourcing would think differently. However, most consumers will still purchase this product whether it’s made in the U.S or in a foreign country.  Some of the pros for consumers as well as the producers are: outsourcing helps global economic growth, create jobs, make companies more competitive, and the prices for the consumers are lower. The cons mainly is for the consumers not so much the company, because Apple is still becoming rich even outsourcing. However for the consumers the negative side is many will lose their jobs due to companies like Apple outsourcing.




Discussion 1
Discussion 1
I agree that outsourcing is more popular because of competitive reasons, and this affects the local job market. In making decision on whether to purchase items consumers are influenced by tastes, preferences as well as their disposable income. Even though, outsourcing has led to job losses, it is likely that the iPhone would be more expensive if it was wholly manufactured in the U.S. Hence, the management of Apple Inc is driven by the desire to make profits. Open competition and the profit motive are major tenets of capitalism, and the decision to outsource does not affect purchasing decisions. On the other hand, politicization of the need to buy ‘made in America’ products may influence the decision to buy Apple products. The main advantage is t...
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