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Where Financial Regulation Goes in a Republican Era (Essay Sample)


Use an article in Wall Street JournalThe summary shall state the date, author and topic of the article (1st paragraph).The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs (or additional paragraphs as is necessary) shall summarize anddescribe the key points of the article. This portion of the summary should discuss the relevant“economic event(s)” or “issue” addressed in the article. (For example, it could be about housingprices in the United States or pollution related issues in China.)Finally, the summary should critically evaluate the economic issue or concept that isaddressed in the article. (For example, housing prices are rising because the supply is declining orthe pollution in China is being reduced by government taxes.) In this latter part of the summary, youare expected to analyze the economic issue or event through the tools learned in the class. Forexample, if the article is about the increase in U.S. car sales which is tied to falling gasoline prices,then you would analyze the automobile market in terms of an increase in demand caused by a declinein the price of a complimentary good (gasoline).Feel free to pick any economic topic or event that interests you (that is the point) and becritical in your analysis. If the article states things that are inconsistent with economic theory,point out the inconsistency.Finally, you must attach the article to your summary and cannot use an article


Where Financial Regulation Goes in a Republican Era
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Mathematics and Economics
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Where Financial Regulation Goes in a Republican Era
The article was published on April 24, 2017 and written by Ryan Tracy

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